Claudia de Rham to present on dark matter and dark energy

With Perimeter Institute right here in town, it’s taken far too long to arrange a physics-centric Dinner. The time has come, however!

Join us on Tuesday, May 27th to hear Dr. Claudia de Rham, Visiting Fellow at PI, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at Case Western Reserve University, who will be joining us to talk about cosmology, and more specifically dark matter and dark energy – not yet well understood (or seen), but seeming to make up a large part of our universe.

This presentation will be science-centric, but interesting to all geeks with an interest in space – no PhDs necessary.

We’ll be back at Centre in the Square in the Members’ Lounge. As usual, we’ll be kicking things off at 6pm, with catering by one of their excellent purveyors.

Get your ticket now – and why not bring a friend?

For those who haven’t been to the Members’ Lounge at Centre in the Square, here are instructions on how to get down there:

Parking is available in the Centre in the Square’s private lot on Ellen Street (at the back of the building).

Turn onto Ellen Street from Queen Street, drive past Centre In The Square and just before the street turns into a one-way you will see the private lot on your right. Parking arm will be raised (map shows entrance to the parking lot on the right).

Walk back around to the Stage Door entrance which is located just past the loading dock (map shows loading dock on left, entrance on right).

We’ll have signage to get you down to the Members’ Lounge, too. Hope we’ll see you then!

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