March Recap

March Recap
Thank You Marine Dumontier for the Rise of Social Media talk!
Some brief takeaways for this month:
Every day, 25% of all searches are done on Facebook.
Before creating a social media account on any platform, there are three questions we need to ask ourselves: When, Where and Why?
It boils down to: “Why am I here?” Examples could be: I want to drive brand awareness. I want to support customers. Look for post engagement, and number of views.
Discussion questions:
How do you feel about Hashtags in real life conversations?
People use it to highlight the importance of that sentence or to draw attention to that topic.
Which platforms do you recommend for a not-for-profit?
Depends on what you want to do and which platforms do you prefer to spend the most time on? What is your budget? There are always SEO tools you could use to increase traffic.
Also, coming out to similar live events and creating partnerships will help draw out the right crowd.
Are there certain Twitter or social media etiquettes?
A picture of you taken with a cigar or a wine glass will give off a much different impression than with colleagues in formal clothing or with animals at a shelter.
I have embarrassing photos and posts from when I was 18, how do I erase it from the social media world?
Request the social media site to remove it, or remove it yourself
If it can’t be removed, drown in content until it is essentially archived on an ancient page of your site
A Huge Thanks to Igloo Software for being our event host and sponsor!

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