Jenn Haines to present on women in comics

Well, Geeks, the end is nigh. We’ve come to the last Dinner that PJ and I are organizing, but we’re going out in geeky style! (Get tickets now.) Jenn Haines, owner of The Dragon comics shop in Guelph, will be joining us to talk about women in comics. This is going to take a few angles:

  1. the history of women working and creating in the comics industry
  2. the history of women in actual comics
  3. Jenn’s history and experience in the comics industry, particularly as a business owner.

Given the amount of sturm and drang in the last while over things like Thor becoming a woman (possible spoiler alert in there), and the treatment of Black Widow in The Avengers (and its merchandising), this is going to be timely and fascinating stuff.

Jenn has been head honcho of The Dragon since 1998, including winning a Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailing Award, so she knows a thing or two about this biz. They pride themselves on making the store friendly to women and kids (no Comic Book Store Guy here!) and as a woman and a mom, she has some experience in how you DON’T want to be treated in these venues.

Jenn is also a CLLDF board member and sponsor of the annual Dragon Prize awarded for best kids comic at the Joe Schuster Awards.

For a full bio on Jenn and The Dragon, check out this Guelph Mercury profile.

We’ll be getting together at the Communitech Hub for this one, kicking things off at 6pm on Thursday, June 25th. We have the Executive Briefing Room booked (that’s the one where you go through the doors on the left before reception, go down to the end of the aisle, then turn right). If it proves too popular, we’ll see about expanding. There are also rumours of farewell cake…

Tickets are available now, and we’ve had a LOT of advance interest for this one, so don’t wait! This Dinner will be totally kid- and family-friendly, and all comics geeks are welcome (including men and boys). Kids in superhero costumes are especially welcome, cuz those are awesome. 😉

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