Melanie Baker to present on The Internets 101

We ended up without a February speaker, and not really enough time to find one, so it gave me a good opportunity to present a topic I’d been pondering. I’ve been working for a domain registrar for nearly a year now, and have learned a LOT about how the Internet works. It’s one of those topics that you can cover at high, mid, or very deep levels, so I’ll try to strike a bit of a balance, looking at the sorts of things we do and use every day.

We’ll be meeting up at the Communitech Hub, in the Jelly Bean room, starting off at 6pm, on Tuesday, February 24th. Taco Farm will be catering. If you’re not familiar with the Jelly Bean room, when you arrive at the Hub and walk toward the elevators, it’s through the glass door on the left, down the hall, through the big doors on the left just before you get to the reception desk. (When we use the EBR room, it’s through glass doors across the hall.)

Huge thanks as well to our sponsors for this month’s event, Communitech and bitHound! (bitHound is in open beta now – you should totally check them out.)

Tickets are available now. Join us!

I won’t be covering how to put a web page or site together, per se, since I’m not a web developer, but rather some of what goes on underneath that. When you type “girlgeekskw.com” into a browser, what happens next? Where does your computer actually get the information that is a web page or site, or an email message, for that matter? What’s the difference between using web hosting and a third-party platform? How do you use mydomain.com instead of mysite.wordpress.com or some other service?

I’ll talk some about DNS as well, which involves the different types of records used for websites and email, what they do, and how they reflect the design and history of the Internet.

Bring a friend — we love new faces! Hope to see you on the 24th.

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