Sheila Colla to present on bumblebee conservation

Update: Dr. Colla will NOT be able to join us for this Dinner. It has been cancelled, and we will do our best to re-book her for the fall.

Perhaps we can’t make it stop snowing, but we can think of spring – with bees and butterflies! We’re moving away from software again for our April Dinner, heading outdoors into the realm of entomology and ecology.

On Tuesday, April 22nd, we’ll be back at Centre in the Square in their fabulous and funky Members’ Lounge. As usual, we’ll be kicking things off at 6pm, and not sure who our caterer will be this time, but have we ever fed you anything that wasn’t delicious? Of course not. 🙂 Tickets are available now! Bet you’ve got a bee in your bonnet already…

Our April speaker is Dr. Sheila Colla, who recently finished her PhD on bumblebee conservation at York University and is now a post doctoral fellow with Wildlife Preservation Canada. She has been studying bee ecology, conservation and behaviour for 10 years. She is the author of The Bumble Bees of North America: An Identification Guide and currently serves on COSEWIC and COSSARO, committees that assess the status of at-risk plants and animals federally and provincially.

The plight of bees, particularly, has been big in the news over the last few years, and we wanted to learn more about just what is going on, how bad things are, and what we as environment-friendly geeks can do. Sheila will be telling us about Wildlife Preservation Canada’s new at-risk pollinator project, which aims to help native pollinators like bumble bees and butterflies on the brink of extinction.

We’ll learn about the status of Canadian bumblebees and what we can do to help wild populations of these important native pollinators. Sheila will also tell us about tools to learn more about local bee biodiversity, and how we can join a new Citizen Science project. And of course we’ll have Q&A for all your questions.

Tickets are available now, so don’t wait! This one’s gonna be popular.

And for those who haven’t been to the Members’ Lounge at Centre in the Square, here are instructions on how to get down there:

  • Parking is available in the Centre in the Square’s private lot on Ellen Street (at the back of the building).
  • Turn onto Ellen Street from Queen Street, drive past Centre In The Square and just before the street turns into a one-way you will see the private lot on your right. Parking arm will be raised (map shows entrance to the parking lot on the right).
  • Walk back around to the Stage Door entrance which is located just past the loading dock (map shows loading dock on left, entrance on right).

We’ll have signage to get you down to the Members’ Lounge, too.

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