Jad Saliba to present on on data recovery and digital forensics

Is it spring yet? Getting there… In the mean time, we’ll be keeping our brains humming and warm learning about the secrets contained in that phone or laptop of yours. You may think that we’re a bit obsessed with forensics around here (guilty), but this one will be quite different from our forensic biology and police investigation presentations. Not least because this is about data and we’re showcasing a local startup, which we love doing.

On Tuesday, March 18th, we’re back at the Communitech Hub, kicking things off at 6pm as usual. Our speaker is Jad Saliba, Founder and CTO of Magnet Forensics. And since I think it’s adorable how excited folks get when we tell them about the food, Taco Farm is on deck for dinner again. Get your tickets now!

Magnet Forensics has also very kindly provided sponsorship, for which we are always most grateful and welcoming. Thank you!

So who is this not-quite-masked crusader in our midst? Officially…

Jad Saliba is a former digital forensics investigator who left policing in 2011 to devote all of his time to developing software solutions that dramatically improve the process of recovering and analyzing Internet evidence left behind. He has since dedicated his efforts to building Magnet Forensics and developing Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) into a thorough and easy-to-use software solution that recovers Internet-related artifacts from computers, smartphones and tablets. As Magnet Forensics’ CTO, Jad is focused on researching new methods of recovering and analyzing all types of evidence for digital forensics investigations. His goal remains to create the best Internet forensics tools possible—helping those in the trenches make a difference in their communities.

Jad is a recognized digital forensics speaker at industry events including: CEIC, Crimes Against Children Conference, EuroForensics, F3, HTCIA, ICDDF, SANS, and the Canadian Police College. Jad served as a police officer for the Waterloo Regional Police Service for seven years and holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Network Security from Mohawk College (Hamilton, Canada).

In his presentation he’ll get into:

  • the founding of Magnet Forensics and why
  • what digital forensics is all about
  • why digital forensics is increasingly important to law enforcement
  • what Magnet Forensics specifically does in the space
  • some of the groups and organizations their work supports
  • some examples of what the software does
  • a live demo of the software in action.
    • And of course we’ll have Q&A, which I expect will be rather probing.

      I suspect you’ll never look at your laptop the same way again…

      Tickets are available now. Come on out, bring a friend – we love new faces!

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