Christina Moulton to present on the business of apps

As we storm into February, we’re going to get back to the business of software a bit, welcoming local developer and Girl Geek Dinner regular, Christina Moulton. We’re going to head back to Centre in the Square‘s awesome Members’ Lounge for this one on Tuesday, February 18th, at 6pm. Tickets are available now!

If you’re not familiar with our speaker, Christina develops custom iPhone and iPad apps as Teak Mobile Inc., based on Kitchener-Waterloo. She does every part of the process: starting with initial concepts, then designing the interface, writing code, and submitting apps to the App Store.

Christina is deeply engaged in the local tech community, constantly learning and sharing new technology and upcoming developments. She’s organizes and frequently speaks at the local iOS developer meetup group, covering topics including beta testing frameworks, in-app purchases, and how developers can use new iOS features.

At Ignite Waterloo, she shared how the iPad has helped her autistic younger brother to communicate. She spoke at the FITC Screens 2013 Conference in Toronto on Should We Have an App For That? The Value of Apps for Businesses in October 2013.

In November, Christina added developer training to her offerings with workshops on Beginning Professional iPhone App Development for software developers looking to add iOS to their skill set, as well as co-teaching Hackademy’s Intro to HTML and CSS workshop. Christina holds B.A.Sc. and M.A.Sc. degrees in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, focused on data analysis and data mining.

So, yeah, she knows a bit about what she’s going to be presenting. 🙂 And exactly what is that? Well, thanks for asking. In Christina’s words:

Why Are All the Apps Free? Mobile apps seem to be mostly free these days, especially on iOS and Android. Why has this move to free apps happened? How do the companies making the apps stay in business, especially when apps cost as much as a car to develop? Can an independent app developer still make a living?

From upselling to ads to just plain hoping someone will buy them, apps make money (or don’t) in lots of different ways. You’ll find it interesting if you’re trying decide whether to build an app or just want to know how far someone will go to sell you a burrito.

I love it when we have speakers who delve into topics that are relevant to us every day, but which we may not ever have thought deeply about. Last month’s presentation was certainly one of those, and I’m sure Christina’s will be, too. Who hasn’t waffled over paying $2.99 for an app, or downloaded a bunch that never get used, but they were free? What does all that mean to the people whose livelihoods are behind creating them? Can’t wait!

Get your tickets asap! We also recommend bringing a friend. We love to see new faces.

For those who haven’t been to one of our Dinners at the Members’ Lounge, directions for parking and where to go. There will be signs from the entrance, too.

Parking is available in the Centre in the Square’s private lot on Ellen Street (at the back of the building).

Turn onto Ellen Street from Queen Street, drive past Centre In The Square and just before the street turns into a one-way you will see the private lot on your right. Parking arm will be raised (map shows entrance to the parking lot on the right).

Walk back around to the Stage Door entrance which is located just past the loading dock (map shows loading dock on left, entrance on right).

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