Natalie Silvanovich to present on making and hackerspaces

Update: Please note that this event has been cancelled. Alas, the holidays are really busy. We’ll look into a new year rescheduling. Stay tuned.

We’re now gearing up for our final Girl Geek Dinner of 2012. We’ll be getting together at the Hub on December 18th and Natalie Silvanovich will be educating us about: Doing It Yourself: How You Can Make and How Hackerspaces Can Help.

In Natalie’s own words:

In this presentation, I will explain maker culture and hackerspaces, and describe some of the projects I’ve done at Kwartzlab makerspace. I’ll also go through the benefits of hackerspace involvement, and some tips for getting started with making and hackerspaces.

From flexing our brains into the world of management last month, this month we’ll learn how to get hands-on and flex our creativity. As usual, the festivities will commence at 6pm, and we’ll be providing the munchies this time around. You know this sounds way cooler than yet another office holiday party… 🙂

Natalie SilvanovichAnd to help you get to know our speaker a bit better… Natalie Silvanovich has been a member of Kwartzlab Makerspace since it was founded in 2009. Finding that her Electrical Engineering degree had left her with a large knowledge of electronics, but no idea how to build them, Natalie has spent her time at Kwartzlab both building and reverse engineering small electronic devices. By day, Natalie is a Security Researcher at Research In Motion, where her work involves hacking mobile software and improving the security of the BlackBerry platform. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, the outdoors and, of course, making.

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