Mary Wells to present on girls in engineering and technology

We’re gearing up for spring with another fantastic speak for Girl Geek Dinners KW. On March 20th, starting at 6pm at Symposium Café in Waterloo, Mary Wells, University of Waterloo’s Associate Dean Outreach for the Faculty of Engineering will be presenting on “Girls in engineering and technology – Who’s Enrolling and Sticking to it?”

In Mary’s own words:

Girls typically receive higher grades than do boys from kindergarten through high school, including grades in mathematics. However, there continues to be an under representation of girls enrolled in University to study fields such as engineering and computer science. Trends in University enrolment data over the past decade will be presented along with the benefit and need for successful and engaging outreach programs, especially for elementary school age girls.

Dr. Wells knows of what she speaks. She joined the University of Waterloo in 2007 as an Associate Professor of Materials in the department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering. She has been the Associate Dean Outreach for the Faculty of Engineering since 2008 and is also chair of the Waterloo Engineering Women in Engineering (WiE) committee.

These portfolios include outreach for youth related to science and engineering as well as promoting diversity within the faculty of engineering. As Associate Dean for Outreach, she has consolidated the outreach activities within Waterloo Engineering under a program entitled WE-Connect. The WE-Connect programs are designed to create positive, hands-on learning environments for students and are intended to inspire young students to pursue careers in engineering and science. A key foundation for the WE-Connect programs are outreach efforts which include programs aimed at helping populations underrepresented in engineering and the sciences. Last year ~10,000 youth were engaged via the WE-Connect outreach programs in clubs, summer camps and school workshops.

Before joining the University of Waterloo, Dr Wells spent ten years at the University of British Columbia as an Assistant and Associate Professor. During her time at the University of British Columbia she held the Alcan Chair in Materials Process Engineering.

Her research in the area of materials engineering focusing on the linkage between the final properties of the products we make and the processes used to make them. She also works on light weight materials for automotive applications such as aluminum and magnesium and optimizing the energy used in manufacturing operations.

Dr. Wells isn’t on Twitter, but she’s fairly easy to find at the University, and we’re sure she’ll be happy to take all of your questions at the Dinner.

Get your tickets now, and be sure to spread the word!

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