Linda Carson to present on technology at the centre of everything

Update: This event is now sold out. However, if you’re still interested in attending there is a waitlist.

Girl Geek Dinners KW are back, and we have an amazing line-up for the new year.

To get started, we’ll be gathering at The Embassy in Waterloo on Tuesday, February 21st, at 6pm.

Our speaker will be Linda Carson, from the University of Waterloo, with the topic of “Technology at the centre of everything, with emphasis on everything“.

Those of you who have been involved with Ignite Waterloo may remember Linda’s talk from November 2010, entitled, “ART… WTF?”

Seating is limited, so get your ticket now!

A bit more about Linda…

“In grad school I learned to cause trouble, which has been more use to me than calculus, French grammar and linear perspective all combined.”

Linda Carson is a practicing artist, sometime playwright and lapsed mathie who teaches at the University of Waterloo. She makes mixed media sculpture and drawings, which means she’s an expert in how to glue Stuff A to Stuff B for a wide range of values of A and B. She doesn’t get to write nearly as many funny feminist plays as she wants to. In hindsight, she wishes she’d paid closer attention to second-year stats.

Linda has undergraduate degrees in mathematics and in studio art, master’s degrees in fine art and in science, and she’s a PhD candidate in psychology, conducting research in drawing expertise. Naturally, therefore, Linda wrote the curriculum for the new Knowledge Integration program, an arts and sciences degree focused on interdisciplinary collaboration. Today she teaches in BKI: how to become a better scholar; the art, science and history of colour; figure drawing and anatomy; and, creative thinking. Linda is seldom seen without three essential creative tools: her current sketchbook, her vintage Blackberry and a cold bottle of Diet Coke.

If you’re local to the Waterloo Region, you might know Linda from the big black pig studio

Linda can’t win in a geek cred battle but she’s got email addresses older than some of you. Her Twitter handle is @lccarson and her avatar’s not a portrait, it’s a mantra.

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