June Dinner: Tech Spectrum: UX/UI Developer, Governance and IT, and Technical Support AVP

Topic: Tech Spectrum: UX/UI Developer, Governance and IT, and Technical Support AVP

This will be a 3-person panel as they tackle all sides of the Tech Spectrum: Development, Governance and Technical Support. The speakers have a wide range of experiences, from beginner to senior level, please join us on June 21, 2016 for this discussion.  Please RSVP here.

Our Speakers and their short bios (please click on RSVP link for longer bio):

Lisa Massender, Associate VP of Customer Support

Lisa Massender is an accomplished executive, athlete, and powerful example of resilience in action.

Lisa began her career in the network security space and found passion improving customer facing teams to expose untapped potential.  In her current role as Associate Vice President of Customer Support at Sandvine, she leads an international team of technical professionals spanning more than 12 countries.  Responsible for post-sales support for over 300 customers, her job is demanding and complex and often requires extensive travel across the world meeting with customers. A quick thinker, Lisa has an uncanny ability to win over customers with her authentic approach and follow through, in even the most challenging of situations.

Rita Szukits, IT Projects and Governance Coordinator


Rita has been in love with technology ever since the internet was first shown to her in elementary school. In high school, she was the geeky girl who would rather stay inside during lunch hour to build websites for small local companies and practice her HTML coding.

In 2008, she graduated from Conestoga College with a diploma in Information Technology and joined Sandvine. Over the last 8 years that she has been with Sandvine, she has been a key contributor to the development and continuous improvement of Sandvine’s IT systems, infrastructure, and processes. During those years, she has continuously advanced her role within Sandvine, and is now the IT Projects and Governance Coordinator.

Linda Kerley, User Experience Consultant


Bio: TBD.

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Helping Out Other Communities:
Hi Tina,

I hope that you are doing well.  I wanted to reach out to you about a summer camp that we are part of this summer in hopes that you might have ideas about how to push it out to females going into grades  11 and 12.  The camp is called Engaging and Entrepreneurship and Engineering and it takes place Aug 15 – 19th.  The camp is co-ed, but we strive to have an equal number of boys and girls.  We would like to get more interest from females and I thought that you might have some ideas on how to reach girls that might be interested.

The camp is held at UW and is organized in partnership with the BEP, UW Catalyst Program, Communitech, and TD as our sponsor and is great for those students interested in learning the basics of entrepreneurship.  Students form team to create a product and a business plan to pitch at the end of the week.  We focus on different topics such as idea generation, product design, market research, and pitching; last year the students used 3D printers, Arduino kits, and they learned how to solder.  The cost of the camp is only $100 and if that cost is a barrier, then there are bursaries available for those in financial need.  Interested students need to apply – the link with more information is below:


If you have any questions or thoughts on how to raise interest with female students, please let me know.

Thanks so much!


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