Ashley Sametz to present on online privacy and anonymity

Hey Geeks! We’re in the home stretch of this season, and our last two Dinners are going to be fantastic! For May we’re putting on our security hats. We’ll be meeting up at Magnet Forensics’ fabulous new office, and welcoming Ashley, who with co-presenter Lindsay will be presenting on maintaining your privacy and anonymity online.

Tickets are going to go fast for this one, and it’s important info for all of us. Register today and bring a friend!

We’ll be meeting on Wednesday, May 27th, kicking things off at 6pm as usual. Magnet’s new office is at the old RIM 5 building at the corner of Columbia and Phillip in Waterloo. (There’s a big M on the building and a freestanding sign out front now.) There’s plenty of parking at the back of the building, and we’ll be coming in the employee entrance at the back.

The Magnet folks have been great Girl Geek supporters and sponsors, and we’ve had Jad in to present at a past Dinner as well.

Fitting for the environment, Ashley Sametz and her colleague Lindsay will be joining us to talk about online privacy and anonymity and how we can maintain it and keep ourselves secure. She’ll talk about some “spooky free tools” used to track people, and unpleasant ways that people can exploit the Internet, apps, etc. to stalk and scare (usually female) users. Very relevant and important stuff.

So what are our speaker’s bona fides?

Ashley Sametz is the hate crime, extremism and terrorism analyst for HCEIT, a network of 15 police services across Canada. Her degree in Criminology has served her well in her previous roles as a fraud investigator, close protection agent, cyber threat researcher and travel security coordinator. When not stalking bad guys online, Ashley enjoys running (literally) to Stratford, testing the limits of her company’s HR policy and teaching her infant son how to blog.

(We’ll be adding more about Lindsay shortly.)

This is going to be really interesting stuff, and we expect it to be super popular, so don’t wait to get your tickets!

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