Velocity team to present on the mission, the members, and more

Welcome to 2015! We’re back in action and our first Dinner of the year is coming up fast. Velocity has been fascinating since its inception as a bit of an experiment in entrepreneurial academe at University of Waterloo, and as it’s grown and evolved over the years it’s just gotten more interesting.

We’ll be kicking things off at 6pm as usual on Tuesday, January 20th. We’ll be at the Communitech Hub in the Matrix/Atlas room(s). (Those are the ones you get to when you go through the doorway to the right of the elevators, down the short hall, through the door on the right, and they’re just to the right of the big blue doors.)

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For our January Dinner we’re welcoming Nancy Heide, Velocity’s Associate Director and Popy Dimoulas-Graham, Velocity member and founder of Charity Republic. (You might remember we’d planned to have Popy join us in the past and were thwarted by a snowstorm.)

The ladies will be giving us the rundown on Velocity: what and where it is, what they do, some of their stories, and what their goals are. We’ll learn about the original core program, and how they’ve expanded with Velocity Science, Foundry, and Garage, as well as the Velocity Fund. Popy will be able to give us a front-row seat to membership and that process, and how it’s working for her and her company.

Tickets are available now. Can’t wait to see everyone!

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