Jacqui Murphy to present on tech marketing for startups

For November we’re getting back into the startup groove with Jacqui Murphy from Auvik Networks. Marketing may not seem like hardcore geekery, but you might be surprised how much data and tech it involves now. And, hey, you try becoming the next Google without it…

We’ll be meeting up at Ren@41 for this one, 6pm as usual, on Wednesday, November 26th. (The Wednesday thing isn’t a permanent change for us; it just happens to be when several of our speakers were available.)

Get your tickets now.

Jacqui is a veteran of the local tech scene, currently serving as VP, Marketing at Auvik Networks. Prior to that she was VP, Marketing at Fongo, Manager of Marketing Operations at PixStream, and later Director of Marketing once it was acquired by Cisco. She was also a partner at Tech Capital Partners, founded Art Allies, and is on the board for Social Venture Partners Waterloo Region. Jacqui knows her way around the local tech scene.

She has also received the Michael R. Follett Community Leader of the Year award, the Communitech Tech Impact Award, and has been recognized as one of Waterloo Region’s Top 40 Under 40.

Jacqui will be talking to us about a variety of things, like how you define explain to people what you do, to figuring out who you want your customers to be, to how to build your communications. She can also help us better understand how you tell if your efforts are working, or what should be tweaked. And there’s the age old dilemma of how to do cool things and get the world aware of who you are when you don’t exactly have millions to spend.

Tickets are available now, so get yours now and join us to learn about the unique challenges of marketing startups and tech.

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