Cari Rastas Howard to present on waste management technologies

Wait, what? We’re kicking off 2014 with… garbage? No, we’re kicking off 2014 with LASERS. (Among other things.)

We’ll be getting together on January 21st at the Communitech Hub again for this one, starting at 6pm as usual. We haven’t decided what to eat just yet, so that will be a surprise. 🙂 Get your tickets now!

So, yep, there’s a whole lot more going on with the stuff you throw out and what happens to it than you think, and Cari is just the person to pew! pew! pew! the knowledge into our post-holiday brains. Basically, just dumping stuff in landfills and burying it isn’t going to work forever, or even for very much longer. And Cari is one of the people involved in determining what our ever-growing Region is going to do with waste in coming years. The developing technologies — some already in use elsewhere — are pretty cool.

Who is this lady and why does she give epic trash talk? Well, Cari’s a Project Manager with the Region of Waterloo’s Waste Management Programs. She’s worked in Environmental Services for nearly 12 years now.

From her fancy and official bio:

Cari spends her time developing and promoting waste diversion programs to extend the life of the Region’s only landfill, and dreaming of the day when every home in Waterloo Region will have a blue box AND green bin at the curb on garbage day. With a degree in English Rhetoric from the University of Waterloo, she’s a bit of an anomaly in Waste Management circles, but feels her communications background makes her stand out in a team of engineers when discussing waste programs and technology with residents. She knows how important it is for everyone to understand what happens with their waste after they put it to the curb.

Her most recent project was community engagement for the Waste Management Master Plan, and encouraging residents to provide input. Cari enjoys speaking with residents to get feedback on the curbside collection and diversion programs, and discussing possible future technology options. When she’s not geeking out over garbage, Cari spends her time reading, writing, running, and ferrying two small boys about town. You can follow her on Twitter: @ariesamazon.

If you’ve attended past Ignite Waterloo events, you have have seen Cari as a speaker. For a sneak peek of some of what she’ll address in her talk:

Garbage, Nothing Out: It Doesn’t Go Away!

Don’t Waste Another Day

We’re excited to kick off the second half of our Girl Geek Dinner season, and to get all the dirt (and recycling, and compost…) from Cari. Tickets are available now. See you there!

One thought on “Cari Rastas Howard to present on waste management technologies

  1. Dear Ms. Cari Rastas Howard:

    I called the city years ago about the green bins. In my opinion then, and it is still the same today. The big reason why people do not use the green bins is because of the price of the brown bags for the bins. The last time I checked the price of the brown bags they around were $5.50

    I also told them what I thought then and it is still the same today. When I called the city years ago, i was told that I could wash out my bin with water, or put newspaper in them. I don’t think that would be a good thing the summer with smelly bins. Also, if a person can buy leaf bags at about $2.00 for 5 bags i think that may change people to use the bins more often. Thank you for your time.

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