Rob Drimmie to present on apps development and App Factory

Yep, our speaker will be a dude. Now that we have that out of the way… 🙂

We have confirmed our Dinner for November, and are most pleased to welcome Rob Drimmie from Apps Factory at Communitech. You may also know him as the husband of Girl Geeks regular Jen.

Rob will be bringing us a three-pronged presentation based on his experience and work with Apps Factory. He’ll talk about the app development process, particularly concept through prototyping. He’ll also discuss team development, particularly in hiring co-ops (who make up a good portion of the Apps Factory team). And Rob will also tell us a bit about Apps Factory itself: how it came to be, what kinds of work they do, and with whom they work.

So aside from being a Guy Geek among Girl Geeks, who is this Rob fellow? Here he is in his own words…

Rob Drimmie is lucky. He has an amazing wife and two awesome kids. He gets to spend his day working with brilliant people helping Waterloo Region continue to be the (second) best place to start and grow a tech company.

Rob began working with the web as a high school co-op student at a small software company in Waterloo in 1994. Today he manages a team dominated by university co-op students at the Communitech Apps Factory, helping anyone with an idea for an application learn what the next steps are and how to take them.

We’ll be getting together on Tuesday, November 19th, starting as usual at 6pm. And we’ll be back at the Communitech Hub for this one, dinner provided.

Tickets are available now, so get yours today!

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