New Season! Kate Wilhelm to present on UX Circuit Training

Labour Day weekend has passed, and with that, Girl Geeks, fall is pretty much upon us. However! That does mean a return of Girl Geek Dinners, which is always a fabulous thing. (TL;DR? Get your tickets here!)

As you may recall from a year ago, we collaborated a bit with the Fluxible conference organizers, and borrowed two of their amazing speakers for our September Dinner. Well, we’re doing pretty much the same thing again this year.

Our inaugural speaker for this season is Kate Wilhelm from BlackBerry, who’s not only a snazzy UX practitioner, but also a Fluxible presenter and a Girl Geek Dinner attendee alumnus (as is her daughter). You can have a gander at Kate’s planned Fluxible presentation/workshop here: Starting Out or Bulking Up: UX Circuit Training for Any Fitness Level. We won’t be doing a three-hour workshop, but Kate will be riffing on that topic for her Dinner presentation. (I work with Kate; this is gonna be good…)

For those of you who may not have met Kate yet, she’s a part-time ninja (but I’ve said too much…) and professionally has been an Information Architect at BlackBerry for the past seven years, helping make it easier for developers to build apps. She’s always had a passion and drive to evolve her expertise in UX, often by “scrappy means”. So if you’re in an organization that doesn’t yet exalt UX, Kate’s lessons are just the thing.

Kate is an active mentor, champion, and educator on behalf of UX practices within BlackBerry, and has been a World IA Day panel moderator in New York. Kate is also busy with an assortment of local groups, so if you’re interested in learning more about the local UX, design, and tech scene, you might want to bend her ear a bit after her presentation.

We’re also going to be enjoying a new space for this Dinner. We’ll be in the Members’ Lounge at Centre in the Square. It’s a great and funky space, and dinner will be provided. (Hence the moderately higher ticket price.) There will also be a cash bar if you’re so inclined.

Tickets are available now, so register ASAP!

And for those who haven’t been to the Members’ Lounge at Centre in the Square, here are instructions on how to get down there:

  • Parking is available in the Centre in the Square’s private lot on Ellen Street (at the back of the building).
  • Turn onto Ellen Street from Queen Street, drive past Centre In The Square and just before the street turns into a one-way you will see the private lot on your right. Parking arm will be raised (map shows entrance to the parking lot on the right).
  • Walk back around to the Stage Door entrance which is located just past the loading dock (map shows loading dock on left, entrance on right).

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