We want to hear from you!

We have a year of Girl Geek Dinners under our belts now here in KW, and we’ve had some awesome speakers and fantastic venues. And a few moments of scrambling behind the scenes… 🙂

We’ll be revving back up in September, and though we’ve already got a few plans in the hopper, we want to hear from you.

For our first Dinner of the next season, we are working on having three of the fantastic speakers who will be in town for the Fluxible UX conference: Michal Levin, Whitney Quesenbery, and Jessica Ivins.

We have some options for how to approach a presentation with them, so please take our quick survey and help us plan the coolest Dinner ever!

Additionally, we always love to hear from you about the Dinners in general. What venue(s) do you prefer? Do you like a restaurant or bar setting, or prefer a more office-like space with catering?

What kinds of topics would you like to learn about? Are there any particular Girl Geeks out there you’d love to have present?

Are there other little things we could improve on? Event dates and times, AV setup, networking, cupcake flavours, swag…? We’re all ears.

Feel free to get in touch on Twitter, or send us an email. These events are to get YOUR brains buzzing and help you grow your knowledge and network, so help us make them marvelous.

See you in the fall!

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