Alice Bonhomme-Biais to present on crisis response and Google’s related initiatives

For our last Girl Geek Dinner of the season, we’ve got an amazing speaker lined up. On May 29th, starting at 6pm at the Google office in Kitchener, Alice Bonhomme-Biais from Google’s Crisis Response Team (based in New York) will be joining us to talk about how global responses to disasters have been evolving with technology, some of the systems that have been developed to help people, and some of Google’s initiatives in disaster response.

Tickets to this Dinner will sell out crazy fast, so purchase yours right away! (Plus, it’s your last chance for some inspiring and invigorating Girl Geek interaction until the fall…)

A bit more about Alice, her background, and what she’ll be presenting on…

Alice Bonhomme-Biais is a Senior Software Engineer at Google on the Crisis Response Team. She holds a PhD from ENS-Lyon, France. In 2005, she joined Google in New York and worked onsearch quality for Google Maps. In 2010, Alice joined the Google Crisis Response Team as one of the first software engineer on the team.

In the last decade, pervasive cellular data and Internet access have enabled new approaches to saving lives and reducing misery in times of crisis. Several organizations are developing systems to help disaster responders and people affected by a disaster.

In this presentation, I will present examples of such systems used after the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 or in Japan in March 2011. I will also introduce some of the new products Google is developing to help the crisis response ecosystem.

Note: If you are a student (high school, college, university, etc.) and would like to attend the Dinner for free, get in touch! One lucky student will get a free ticket and dinner, which will just make the evening that much more excellent. 🙂

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