Girl Geeks: Jen Jenson Gaming and Design at the KW Art Gallery

Join us once again for Girl Geeks KW. This time we will be meeting at the KW Art Gallery to hear Jen Jenson talk about her passion – Digital game studies.

Jen Jenson is Associate Professor of Pedagogy and Technology in the Faculty of Education at York University. When in her academic infancy, she spent a summer among many a ‘geek’ in sunny California, working at Sun Microsystems. Her published work is on gender and technology, sociocultural contexts of gameplay, identity in massively multi-player online games, the design and development of loosely focused ‘educational’  games, and educational policy and policy practices in K-12 schooling in Canada. Her most recent work involves the study of players’ identities and practices in massively multi-player online games. She has also designed and created a number of educationally focused video games with Suzanne de Castell and Nick Taylor and their most recent work includes the development of mobile games for school-aged children. She is currently working on a “First Poochie Sniffer” game and when not preoccupied by research, teaching and writing, she happily plays Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and is anxiously (still) awaiting the release of The Last Guardian.

Want a sneak peek? Take a look at CBC’s the Spark where Nora Young interviewed Jen Jenson about “Girls on Gaming”.

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